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10pk Duo Action Cleaning Pads Microfibre Scrubbing Cloths

10pk Duo Action Cleaning Pads Microfibre Scrubbing Cloths

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Make colour-coded cleaning around your home easy and fun with our brand new duo-sided cleaning pads!

Our duo-sided cleaning pads can be used for every cleaning job imaginable in and around your home.

They feature a soft squidgy texture thanks to the dense sponge filling. One side of the pad is covered in our best-selling microfibre that's perfect for dusting, polishing, buffing, streak-free glass cleaning and wiping down surfaces. Flip the pad over and use the non-scratch nylon scrubbing side to tackle dried in spills from cooking, or tough marks on the floor with little elbow-grease required!

You don't need to stock up on any fancy cleaning chemicals or expensive cleaning brands to use our cleaning pads effectively. A little bit of water straight from the tap and a clean microfibre pad are all you need for all-round antibacterial cleaning.

Our duo-sided pads come in packs of ten.

Choose your favourite colour from pink, blue, orange, green and yellow or select an assortment pack for two of each colour. Perfect for colour-coded cleaning around the home and on the job.

If your cleaning pad needs a freshen up, pop it in a hot wash cycle with a little detergent.

Do not use bleach or fabric softener, as these will break down the microfibre strands. Lie flat to air dry - do not tumble dry.

• Soft sponge inner
• Microfibre side for wiping down and buffing
• Scratch-free scrubbing side to tackle tough marks
• Pack of 10 pads
• Shaped to fit your hand perfectly
• Available in plain or multicoloured packs
• Ideal for personal and commercial use
• Great for colour-coded cleaning to avoid cross-contamination
• Machine washable. Do not use bleach or fabric softener.

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