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The Classic American Mix - Large Tray

The Classic American Mix - Large Tray

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Are you looking for a unique, fun and tasty gift for that friend, family member or colleague who has a sweet tooth? Then this is the perfect gift for them! Our classic American mix features a range of candies from a variety of brands. This classic mix includes;

1 x Nerds Grape & Strawberry - Theatre Box - 5oz (141.7g)

1 x Mike & Ike - Jolly Joes Theatre Box candy 5oz (141g)

1 x Nerds Double Dipped Lemonade Wild Cherry Apple Watermelon - 1.65oz (46.7g)

1 x Nerds Peach & Wildberry - 1.65oz (46.7g)

1 x Everlasting Gobstoppers - 1.77oz (50.1g)

1 x Fun Dip Cherry Yum Diddly Dip - 0.43oz (12.1g)

1 x Reese's Nut Bar - (47g)

2 x Sweetarts Original Roll Miniature 

1 x Airhead Miniature (Blue Raspberry)

Our gift boxes are shrink-wrapped to finish them off, and secure all the goodies in place.

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