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Gentlemans Willy Care Kit (Vanity Case)

Gentlemans Willy Care Kit (Vanity Case)

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How does your garden grow? Is it well pruned, with a perfectly manicured lawn? Or is it an overgrown thick bush? Surprise your missus this valentines and do a bit of landscaping in your own secret garden! This hilarious Gentleman's Willy Care Kit is a necessity when it comes to taking care of your little man, because immaculate grooming is very important in these modern times! Complete in a decorative leather-look case with silver engraved text, this set includes classic styling shears, fun fluffing brush, sprucing mirror and a fashionable evening wear piece, so you can look incredibly dapper no matter where you are. This is a brilliantly hilarious gift to yourself or a significant other who needs to make their nether regions presentable.


  • Depth : 18.70 cm
  • Height : 4.70 cm
  • Width : 14.00 cm


  • Keep your private parts tidy and presentable with this hilariously trendy grooming kit.
  • A perfect humour gift for a significant other or a friend who likes to look stylish and dapper.
  • Comes compact in a black clam shell case (perfect for grooming on the go)
  • Comes with three handy tools for grooming and a classy (yet hilarious) evening piece.
  • Dimensions: 18 x 11 x 3 cm (The vanity case, cheeky!)
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